National Nutriwatcher Survey

(An Initiative to build healthy Indians)

This survey is to understand the current nutritional intake pattern of an average Indian (minimum INR 25000.00 per month family income).

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Q1. Indians’ maintain body:

Q2.The typical food intake of Indian consists of:

  • Home Cooked Food
  • Instant Food
  • Fast Food
  • Street Food
  • Processed Food

Q3. The Indians eats:

  • To live
  • To enjoy
  • Because its tasty
  • Maintain health

Q4. Indian are of :

Q5. Indians enjoy

  • Chips
  • Chocolate
  • Aerated drinks
  • Hard drinks
  • Cigarette

Q6. Everyone around you is healthy? :

Q7.Easily available in pure form to an indian

  • Milk
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Rice & Flour
  • Water

Q8. Indian respond to the following situation:

  • Body endurance
  • Weight Problem
  • Sex & life style problem
  • General body fitness
  • Quick & Easy solution to the health problem
  • Q9. Indian prefers to take nutritional supplement:

    Q10. Indians start nutritional supplement intake:

    • Searched on internet
    • Teleshopping
    • Local chemist recommendation
    • Recommended by other people
    • Advised by an expert (Doctor/Dietician/ Nutritionists etc.)

    Q11. Indian use nutrition supplement if:

    • Free consultation
    • Delivered at doorstep
    • Compititive price
    • Best in quality
    • Taste
    • Herbal

    Q12. Indian has got an easy access to quality nutritional supplement products. :

    Q13. Indian use nutrition supplement if:

    • New born
    • Women
    • Men
    • Old age
    • Girls
    • Boys

    Q14. Indian has got an easy access to take advice from nutritional expert. :

    Q15. Indian take nutritional supplement immediatly if:

    • Serious injured
    • Serious illness
    • Feel Lethargic
    • Overweight
    • Body building
    • It's a fashion statement

    Q16. Indians’ prefer:

    • Physical activities
    • Spa
    • Gym
    • Wellness centers
    • Health care and cure centers
    • Yoga

    Thanks for your valuable time.